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After almost one year of complete lack of activity, I've decided it is time to give Corporate Geek a spin and remake it into something better and worthwhile. Therefore, I've partnered up with two great project managers - Richard Newton & Andreea Marinescu to relaunch the site.

This time, Corporate Geek will be a truly active site, one which aims to help fellow project managers become better at their work. To encourage you to subscribe to our site, we've also got a few prizes for our early supporters.

UPDATE 1: Prolonged the deadline for subscription to June 6th. Don't hesitate to subscribe.
UPDATE 2: The winners have been announced.

What to Expect from the Site

I'm very excited about the partnership we created as a team. Our aim is to share our project management experience from two perspectives: the one of a senior project manager which has delivered lots projects and evolved alongside the project management profession and the one of junior project managers, trying to challenge the standards in the industry, looking for new approaches on how to deliver successful project within the new reality of the profession.

You'll see us talking about certifications and their role in a project manager's career, how to be a successful project management consultant, how to use technology to improve the way you work and communicate, how to deliver projects in virtual teams, etc.

We are aiming to deliver new articles on a weekly basis and we will do our best to stick to this target. If you find our articles interesting, please don't hesitate to leave comments and interact with us. We are very interested in what you think. Also, if you feel you have something to say, something worth sharing with the whole of the Internet, do contact us. We would be happy to enlarge our team of publishers.

Prizes for Early Subscribers & How to Win

The Prize: we are giving away 3 copies of the The Project Manager - Mastering the Art of Delivery by Richard Newton. The book is a really good piece of project management literature, one which I really enjoyed reading and definitely recommend to others.

The Project Manager - Mastering the Art of Delivery

How to Win: all you have to do is to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter by June 6th. The 3 winners will be announced on June 7th and we will contact them via e-mail to help them get their prizes.

Recommendations: those of you who subscribe, please make sure you use a real e-mail address & that you verify your e-mail. Subscribers that have an "unverified" status will not be included in the contest. Also, please don't cheat. If you subscribe with multiple e-mail addresses, it won't help you. We will eliminate the additional e-mail addresses entered by the same person and keep only one.

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We have announced our winners. The list ca be found here:

Hey there, I noticed that you were using Drupal to manage your website and was wondering why that is? Fat Burning Furnace Review

Strange question. I am using Drupal to manage the website because I love Drupal. I've played with other open-source CMS's and Drupal was the better fit.

Hi, subscribed to the newsletter a week ago but not received anything yet. How often are the emails sent out? Thanks.
- hp 6735s review

We publish just one article per week. Therefore you should not receive more than one e-mail per week.
Also, check your spam folder. Maybe your spam filters moved it there.

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