Reviewing Web Analytics 2.0 - How Analytics Must be Done!

"Web Analytics 2.0 - The art of online accountability & science of customer centricity" - sounds like corporate speak, doesn’t it? The kind of thing you heard before, in messages from your corporate leaders, right? Even though you might answer "Yes!" to any of these questions, this book is not filled with dry, empty corporate speak. It’s really about web analytics. Done right! The way everybody should do it and the way only a few actually do.

I thought a lot about what I am about to write in this review of Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik. And while there are many things to say about such a great book, I would like to focus on two things which, for me, truly separate from most "business" books.

There is NO Bullshit - This is how Proper Analytics is Done!

Many business oriented books tend to be filled with lots of dry, theoretical passages - idealized descriptions of how things should be done, but are not actually done, not even by the author. Luckily this book is everything but this. Reading it, you feel that the author HAS done everything he advises, the author has made mistakes in his professional life and has learned from them. The language Avinash Kaushik uses is very open, direct, straight to the point. The examples he gives are from his own website or projects he actually worked on. While reading this book I could not help but think that what I am holding in my hands is a precious "lessons learned" document, written after many years of pioneering work in this pretty new field.

Web Analytics 2.0

It is ALL about Action!

Web Analytics 2.0 is the most actionable books I’ve ever read. At each chapter I took notes about what I should do differently than today. Once I finished reading the book, I had the longest series of notes I ever took from any book. Based on them I actually built a very strong improvement plan for how to approach the work I do on some of my websites. Some of the activities on this plan, I managed to execute immediately and I can already see improvements. I’m sure that, once I get everything done accordingly, there will be a noticeable difference in the performance of the websites I run and how the users experience those websites.

Verdict – Must Buy!

This book has had a very strong impact on the way I approach web analytics and how I extract intelligence from it to actually improve my strategy for creating content. Buying this book has been the best purchasing decision I made this year and I strongly encourage you to buy it as well. It is highly recommended to any business owner, blogger of any kind, analyst or web master in the corporate world. By buying this book you help yourself and also people from India. Avinash Kaushik is donating all of his proceeds to two charity organisations. So... what are you waiting for? Help yourself and help others.

Purchasing Options

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