Reviewing Managing Change Step by Step

One can argue that all projects are about change, even though the degree of change varies a lot between projects. Personally I consider project managers to also be change managers, and knowing different tools and frameworks for managing change critical to any successful project manager. As the title says, “Managing Change Step by Step” is a book about how to successfully approach change projects, especially those that bring more meaningful change to your organisation. In this review i will try to evaluate if this book is useful to have in a project manager’s library of good management books or not. Read on to find out.

Structure, Structure, Structure

One of the things you immediately notice about the book is its clear structure: the book presents a very general framework for approaching the management of change projects, which is easy to understand and apply to most projects. This is “ironic”, if you think about the fact that, many change projects in today’s organizations lack a comprehensible structure, and feel like chaotic ad-hoc efforts instead of carefully planned projects.

The framework is split into nine steps, each getting its own independent chapter:

  • Step 1: Learn the basics
  • Step 2: Understand your objective
  • Step 3: Build the change team
  • Step 4: Plan how to achieve change
  • Step 5: Assess willingness and capability to change
  • Step 6: Implement change
  • Step 7: Consolidate change
  • Step 8: Manage communications
  • Step 9: Prepare for future change

Each of these chapters has a very well defined structure: they start with the list of sub-steps needed for completion and a summary of the main ideas/take-aways. Richard Netwon then shares examples of projects gone wrong due to the fact that they did not really manage & execute the step covered in the chapter as well as they should. What I found amusing was the fact that many of these examples sounded familiar: either I experienced such projects, I have heard stories from friends and colleagues being involved in projects with similar failures or read about them in case studies or press articles. All his examples definitely have real-world inspiration.
In each chapter, Richard shares his recommended approach and, to help the reader, also shares a few examples on how to approach things from different domains (e.g. legal changes, financial changes, office space changes, IT changes, etc.). The examples are relatively general and easy to understand, even if you don’t have relevant experience in each domain.
Each chapter ends with recommendations for next steps and what you must take away and apply to your projects.

Managing Change Step by Step

This Book’s Keyword - Accessible

If I am to characterize this book in one word, it is the word “accessible”. The structure helps in splitting change projects into concrete steps, the summaries and examples help you understand and remember the key principles, the language used is very familiar and not as dry & theoretical as other similar books. This is great, especially for project managers who are just starting their career in managing change projects.

Verdict - Buy for Beginners

If you are a beginner in managing change projects, this books is a great way to get familiar with the mindset and approach you should go for. However, if you are more experienced, this book doesn't offer much in terms of new models and information. By now you should know and apply the recommendations Richard Newton offers in this book.

Purchasing Options

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