Ideas On How To Create Powerful Presentations

I have often asked myself how to make simple, legible and engaging presentations. After I've seen presentations done by Steve Jobs, such as The iPod Nano Introduction, I have learned that being visual definitely works. However, the corporate world is all about things such as data, reports, business cases, value creation. Therefore it doesn't seem that easy to be visual and make great presentations. After reading a lot on the topic and making lots of experiments, I have managed to find an approach which works and helps me get the message through to my audience. In this article I will share my learning through a presentation called "Ideas on how to create powerful presentations - A guide for Project Managers".

Attached to this page you can find the handouts of this presentation which give more details on top of each slide. Translating the 5 stages of a project into the stages of a presentation helped me a lot. Even though I do not always have time to thoroughly prepare my presentations, I do manage to focus on the main point and make sure I make it crystal clear to everybody.

If you have a different approach which works for you, please leave a comment. Both me and the other readers of this blog will be happy to learn about it and try it out.

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Very nice. I am teaching some antsy middle schoolers this method. They will love your graphics -as did I. You have given me some good points to remember.
Thank you.

- nice2 - sales1