Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Title!

We have not posted on Corporate Geek for a while because Richard and I we were busy writing our first book together. It’s a concept both of us never tried before and we are happy with the writing done so far. However, before we finish the book and talk to several publishers, we need your help: Help us pick a good title!.

What’s the Book About?

The book is a “project management” book for how to be successful at achieving your personal dreams. The book starts and ends with one’s dreams. It shares the most important principles and questions that need to be applied each step of the way, so that you have higher chances of success. It doesn’t matter if your dream is about earning a prestigious scholarship, becoming a rock star or traveling the world.

Book Drawing

To make the book both more useful and engaging, we have real people joining us, sharing their dreams and applying the recommendations from the book. In each chapter they share their story, their challenges and what they learned along the way.

Book Drawing

The book will have 9 chapters, starting with Dream, Think and ending with Dream some more. Each chapter will have a bit of theory, lots of dialogue with our heroes and a few awesome illustrations, created by an amazing artist.


The titles we thought of are found in the survey below. Read each title & subtitle and identify the one which attracts you the most.

You can also propose your own titles. Don’t be shy, any ideas are welcome.

UPDATE: We received a pretty good numbers of votes and suggestions. Thanks a lot for the help. We will share updates about the book as soon as we have some meaningful progress done to get it published.

What’s Next?

Once we have a title most of you are happy with, our awesome illustrator will draw a great looking cover for it. We have a bit of writing left to do (not much, another 10-20 pages or so) and we will contact of a few publishers.

Depending on how the negotiations go, we should have the book available this summer or early autumn. But first, help us pick a title and we will take care of finishing the book.

We are very excited and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.

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