Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Subtitle!

Remember the book we mentioned earlier this year? Well... it’s not dead. Quite the contrary! We are in discussions with a great publisher and we hope to be able to sign a deal sometime soon. But, before we get there, we need your help to pick a great subtitle for our book. You helped us pick the title and the end result was quite awesome so... give us a hand one more time.

What’s the Book About?

The book will be named “Dream it! Do it! Live it!”, as picked by you. Thanks a lot for helping us choose it. It is a great title. :D

To quote how we described the book in our previous request for help:

The book is a “project management” book for how to be successful at achieving your personal dreams. The book starts and ends with one’s dreams. It shares the most important principles and questions that need to be applied each step of the way, so that you have higher chances of success. It doesn’t matter if your dream is about earning a prestigious scholarship, becoming a rock star or traveling the world.

Concept for the Book Cover

If you want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to read this post: Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Title!. We posted quite a long description that is worth reading. :D

What’s the best subtitle? - Please Vote!

We came up with a few variants for possible subtitles. Read them and pick the one you think is best. We are looking for something “go getty” and very tangible. We hope one of these alternatives fits into this classification.

If not, feel free to propose your own subtitle. Don’t be shy, any ideas are welcome.

What’s Next?

Well... there’s still a long way to go. But boy we are so much closer to having our book published. We can’t wait to be able to share some great news with you, in the months to come.

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