Tips and tricks about improving your prospects in getting a management job

The Search for Creativity in Developing Your Own Resume

Recently I've spent some time reflecting about my career, what I've managed to achieve and figuring out what should be my next step. While doing this, I've read my LinkedIn resume and couldn't help notice how boring it is. Even though I did my best to include the biggest highlights of my career, it doesn't seem able to truly put them into the spotlight and make me stand-out from a crowd of project managers. Nor does it truly reflect my personality and project management style.

Then, I asked myself (and Google): how can I create a resume which says the big picture about me and my career in just a few seconds? Read on to see what I managed to find out.


Six tips for getting a new project management role

I am often involved in recruiting project managers for my clients. Project managers who clients hope will deliver the perfect project. What is it that makes me want to interview a project manager, and what CVs do I throw in the bin? At all times, but especially in tough times like the present, successful project managers are those who's skills are relevant to their customer’s needs. This is really important when it comes to changing your role. So, how do you make yourself appealing to that customer? Here are 6 simple tips that in my experience will increase your chances of getting that new job.

What You Will NOT Earn From a PMP Certification

In April 2010 I managed to obtain my PMP certification and I’ve found out that I am one of the 360.000+ certified project managers in the world. That’s quite a large number (and I’m not counting other project management certifications) and, while reading this, it made me feel a lot less unique and outstanding. I then started reading about the reasons why others get this certification and I was pretty disappointed. What I’ve seen all over the Internet is that many people claim false benefits for this certification. That’s why I decided it would be time to share my own view on what you will earn from being PMP certified and try to demystify some of the benefits that are being sold to us.

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