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Head First PMP, 2nd Edition - Review based on Personal Experience

In your quest to achieve the PMP certification, you will encounter many books which promise to help you pass the exam on the first try. One such book is O'Reilly's Head First PMP, 2nd Edition, a book which might seem unusual to many learning to become certified project managers. I've used this book myself to get my PMP certification and, after passing the exam, I would like to share the experience I had with it.

Tips and tricks for getting PMP Certified

After a few months of studying, I've got my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in April this year. Although, at the beginning, the process for applying for the certification seemed extremely complicated, I didn't find it to be that hard. Since there don't seem to be many blogs on the Internet giving information about the actual experience of getting a PMP certification, I would like to share with you a few tips and tricks from my own experience. Hopefully, you will find them useful.

What You Will NOT Earn From a PMP Certification

In April 2010 I managed to obtain my PMP certification and I’ve found out that I am one of the 360.000+ certified project managers in the world. That’s quite a large number (and I’m not counting other project management certifications) and, while reading this, it made me feel a lot less unique and outstanding. I then started reading about the reasons why others get this certification and I was pretty disappointed. What I’ve seen all over the Internet is that many people claim false benefits for this certification. That’s why I decided it would be time to share my own view on what you will earn from being PMP certified and try to demystify some of the benefits that are being sold to us.

The Prince2 Certification in a Nutshell

When I tell people that I am a Prince2 Practitioner I get replies like: "What's that?" or "Does that mean you are a master at some video games?". I bet you are asking yourself why take up a certification most people haven't heard of in the first place.

In this article I will try to give you a brief overview of Prince2, what it is about, how is it different than PMP, why and how to get your certification.

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