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A collection of the most interesting articles for business readers.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - December 2011

We would like to finish the year with a roundup of the best articles we published in 2011 and the best articles we found on the web this month. Highly recommended to all corporate geeks. :)

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - November 2011

Our November recommendations are focused mostly on the world of corporations and management. You might expect this, considering the name of our website. However, we do have some special recommendations, including an emotional video you might not know about.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - October 2011

The month of October was dominated by the death of Steve Jobs. Everybody wrote about him, Apple and his biography. Therefore lots of other news did not make it to the spotlight so easily. Even so, we did manage to find some interesting reads for our corporate geeks. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy our recommendations.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - September 2011

This month’s episode includes a very diverse mix of topics: from productivity tools, to discussions about managing people, to studies made using a collection of 5 million books published since the invention of the printing press. If I managed to catch your attention, don’t hesitate to read more.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - August 2011

For quite a few months now, we propose to you for reading very diverse articles on a wide range of topics. The month of August is no exception. I hope you are ready for another episode of the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - July 2011

Today is the last day of July and the time for another episode of our Best of the Web roundup for corporate geeks. We have for a you a pretty diverse mix of recommendations - articles about the future of the Internet, corporate security and human errors, communication and big companies with problems. Check it out!

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - June 2011

Even if June hasn’t been a very productive month in terms of articles published on Corporate Geek, it has been a productive month in finding lots of great books and articles to read. This month’s roundup is filled with good stuff to challenge the way you think about certain aspects of humanity, society and the corporate world. Spare a few minutes of your time and go through this list of reading recommendations.


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