the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - October 2011

The month of October was dominated by the death of Steve Jobs. Everybody wrote about him, Apple and his biography. Therefore lots of other news did not make it to the spotlight so easily. Even so, we did manage to find some interesting reads for our corporate geeks. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy our recommendations.

  • What type of PM work can be done remotely? - A great discussion on the PM Stack Exchange community, where people share their views & experience on the question.
  • How to get a job with a small company - I know this blog is “all corporate” but one can get tired of corporations and decide to work for smaller organisations. If this thought has crossed your mind, Seth Godin shares a few unexpected tips on how to get a job.
  • Metrics for Agile - Is your company working on adopting a new agile methodology? If that’s the case, then I’m sure this question must bug the company’s management: “How can we tell how far along we are with our agile adoption?” Luckily, Esther Derby helps out by sharing some very down to earth answers.
  • The death and rebirth of customer experience - I consider customer relationship management (CRM) software to be huge & dysfunctional pieces of software which do not help in improving the experience of a company’s customers. They only turn it into a boring dry standard, instead of enabling personal relationships. Des Traynor seems to agree with me and, in this article, explains how to connect to your customers and turn them from idle browsers into active, loyal and passionate visitors.
  • The Surprising Resemblance between Christopher Columbus and Today’s Entrepreneurs - Cynthia Kocialski makes a funny and interesting point: ”Columbus was an explorer and an adventurer, but today he may simply have been called an entrepreneur.” I think you’ll enjoy reading and, at the end, you’ll agree with her.
  • The Man Who Inspired Jobs - The New York Times has published an interesting article about the man who inspired Steve Jobs - Edwin H. Land, the genius domus of Polaroid Corporation and inventor of instant photography. They make a great comparison of the two men, which shows that Steve Jobs was not as unique we would like to believe, there’s actually a role model who inspired him.

If you have other interesting links to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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I am all for the death of the CRM. Thanks for your words on the subject. It's nice not to feel alone.

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