the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - June 2011

Even if June hasn’t been a very productive month in terms of articles published on Corporate Geek, it has been a productive month in finding lots of great books and articles to read. This month’s roundup is filled with good stuff to challenge the way you think about certain aspects of humanity, society and the corporate world. Spare a few minutes of your time and go through this list of reading recommendations.

  • Arrogance vs. Confidence: what’s the difference? - Lately I’ve noticed lots of people debating about what it means to be arrogant vs. confident, the pluses and minuses of both sides. One of the views I liked best was shared by Scott Berkun. To give you a sneak peak: ’Arrogance is about intent: its when ability (or perceived ability) is used to look down on others....A confident person feels competent from the inside out.’

  • How to Become a Great Finisher - Heidi Grant Halvorson, book author and motivational psychologist, published a great post about what it means to be not only a good starter of projects but also a great finishers - the one who actually delivers great ideas. A very interesting read.

  • Dependency on external motivation - This recent post from Seth Godin actually complements very well the discussion started by Heidi Grant Halvorson. According to Seth, one of the characteristics of the industrial age was the reliance on external motivation. In order to get things finished, people were relying on the motivation given by their bosses, colleagues, etc. In today’s economy, where predictable factory work is no longer the status quo, internal motivation is key to getting the job done.

  • Empowering Leadership - Esther Derby tries to answer a pretty important question: what kind of leaders do today’s teams actually need? What traits leaders must hone?

  • Humility And Having Something To Say - You have a voice. What are you going to say? Who cares?. I simply love this article from Mitch Joel, even though he targets his message to marketers. lf you think about it... everybody is a marketer nowadays. You should read it, especially if you are working in the corporate world. Now... what is this article about? Simply put, Joel pushes people who think they have a unique voice, opinion or idea to share, to actually share it. But not on some corporate blog. Simply share it with the world. See if the content actually stands up in front of people. Do they connect with you? Do they share it with others? A great test in humility!

  • RSA Animate - Choice - I want to finish with a great video from Professor Renata Salecl, who spent lots of time studying the ideology of choice, the effect it has on people and how actually prevents social change. A true eye-opener!
  • Hoping you enjoyed this month’s roundup - Ciprian.

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Great books! And it's easy to download~ I had a glimpse on How to become a great Finisher, it's wonderful! - health care

Glad you enjoyed this roundup.

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