the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - December 2010

We would like to end 2010 with a roundup of great articles which inspired us in the month of December. We've found some interesting articles, about project management and other topics, such as Christmas shopping habits. Check them out...

  • What Does it Mean to Work Hard? - Venkatesh Rao is back in our monthly roundup with a great article about how to define hard work. For me it was an eye-opener to read his definition: 'It is work if it will impact something that will be evaluated by others, and if their reactions will have consequences for you that you care about.' It definitely made me re-evaluate what is actually work for me.
  • PERSPECTIVE: Agile in not a project management methodology - This article is published by Ala' Yasin Abuhijleh and it presents a perspective i share about project management and software development methodologies such as Agile. I noticed that some software developers tend to minimize the role of project managers, some even stating that they are not needed and that the methodology itself is enough to run a successful software development project. It is good to see someone giving some good arguments about why this is not true.
  • Future Kings and Paupers: Why Making $1,000,000 is Only the Beginning - The title of this article is actually very misleading. What it actually tries to do, is to answer the following question: 'But how can you tell if someone can be a leader, or if they’ll be successful? How can you tell if they have initiative, or if you can trust them?'. A great read from Julien Smith, co-author of the best-selling book, Trust Agents.
  • Dear Diary #1 – Thanks for the Dish Towel - Again, a title which doesn't really say much about the article itself. This is a diary entry of a project manager which shares a few good and practical tips about how to improve relationships through improved communication skills.
  • 9 Ways To Elevate Your Speaking To Black Belt Level - Mitch Joel shares a list of very practical tips about how to be a better speaker. I've been following lots of them prior to reading his article and I can confirm they actually work. Therefore, take a few moments to go through them and improve your speaking skills.
  • Buy nothing for Christmas - Former project manager, Scott Berkun, published an article about people's habits when it comes to gift shopping. I love his recommendations and I plan to start focusing less on buying objects for the people I love, and replace objects with experiences or things I actually made myself. If you tried this already, let us know how it worked out for you.

Now it's your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw recently that inspired you and share it.

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