Announcing Our First 3 Winners - Are You One of Them?

On May 15th, we relaunched our site and started a competition with prizes for our early e-mail subscribers. We chose to give away 3 copies of The Project Manager - Mastering the Art of Delivery by Richard Newton. Today is time to announce our 3 winners. Click on read more to find out if you are one of them.

How the selection was done

We took the list of e-mail subscribers from Feedburner and removed the unverified accounts so that only the active ones are kept in the competition.

Next, we exported the list into Microsoft Office Excel and had 3 random functions generate the winners. We closed Microsoft Office Excel, opened it and recorded the lucky winners.


The winners chosen by our random functions are the following: nmberkani, johnclewis and 

Competition Winners

We will be contacting them shortly via e-mail so that they will receive their prizes as soon as possible. If any of our 3 winners don't reply within the week, we will extract another person.

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If you've enjoyed the content we have provided so far, don't hesitate to become our e-mail subscriber. We will do our best to publish relevant content and continue to organize competitions on special occasions, so that we reward our readers.

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This website is quite informative and easy to understand. Best part is presenting the content in simplied way where everyone can understand the content/s.
This would definitely a value addition for a guy who is interested in PM activities.

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