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Forgotten Attachment Detector - Goodbye Forgotten Attachments To E-mails

In May 2009, Microsoft Office Labs have launched a very cool add-in for Outlook, called Forgotten Attachment Detector, which reminds you when you have forgotten to attach a file to your e-mail. Like many of my colleagues, I have issues with forgetting to attach files to e-mail messages. Therefore, I was pretty excited to hear about this tool. Problem was, the tool worked only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. After plenty of requests made by people all over the world, this add-on has been updated to work on Windows XP too. Now the whole corporate world can use it. In this article I will tell you where to find this tool, what else you need to install to make it work and how to configure it and use it.


Communicating Data in a Visual Way

powerpoint logoAll people work with data every day. The only difference is that we work with different types of data depending on the jobs we have. Data is always one of the main inputs companies, departments, project teams use in order to make decisions. Therefore, knowing how to communicate data in a visual way is very important to being successful. Once I have realized this, I started reading a lot on the topic and making experiments so that I can become better at it. With time, I managed to develop a system which works for me. In this post I will be sharing it with you so that you can use it & customize it to your style.

Measure the Readability of Your Documents and E-mails

One of the things I have learned very quickly as a project manager is that, what cannot be measured cannot be improved. Since most of my time is spent communicating with all the people involved in my projects via e-mail messages, documents and presentations, my question was: "How to measure the readability of my daily communication in order for me to improve it?". After a bit of digging on the internet I have found that the answer is quite simple. You configure Microsoft Office to check it automatically using measures such as: the Passive Sentences Test, Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. In this article I will show you what these measures are, why they are useful and how to enable them in Microsoft Office 2007.

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