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I am a consultant, author, change leader and delivery manager. I’ve been working on projects for over 20 years now – starting off in computing, next spending a lot of time in the telecom and media industries and then working more generally on large scale change programmes. I worked with a range of companies before setting up my own consultancy in 2005, called Enixus. You can see more details of my career on my Linkedin page. My professional interests relate to helping organisations develop sustainable capabilities to deliver projects and change - and I specialise in shaping and mobilising complex programmes. I split my time between running my company, writing, public speaking, studying philosophy, and spending as much time as possible in wild and mountainous places. I have written several books on projects, change and consulting skills (see: my Amazon page) and there are versions in over a dozen languages. I work internationally, but when I'm at home I live in the Cotswolds, UK.


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