Basic Principles in Project Scheduling

One of the things I have learned very fast is that plans are pretty useless but planning is indispensable for the success of any project. One important piece of the planning process is creating a realistic project schedule. In order to highlight its importance and the principles that should always be taken into consideration, I've created a presentation called Project Scheduling. You can check it out by clicking on 'Read more...'.

Attached you can find the handouts of this presentation which give a little more information to complete the message from the slides. Regarding planning and creating the schedule, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic and know more about what works and what doesn't work for you.

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What is the best source to learn Microsoft Project?

I use the software today but in a basic way.


That was a great presentation on project scheduling. If you don't have a good timeline for projects, they will certainly always go over the time needed to complete the project. What tools do you use for project management? Do you use something like microsoft crm to manage your projects? My company is in need of something that keeps its designers and programmers on task and on time without having to micromanage them. Thanks for your help!

I use Microsoft Project and it fits me & my needs quite well. I have not worked on software development projects - therefore I am not familiar with tools suited for this kind of projects.


I use Mindjet Manager 9 to create WBS which is a grate tool for this, although i would need some tips to use WBS more effectively.. I'm not really good with the levels and sometimes the tree structure grows that big that it seems to be out of control... Do you have any tips or useful rules that could help me?

- nice2 - sales1