Tips and tricks on how to make great presentations

Reviewing Resonate, Nancy Duarte’s Second Book on Presentation Development

Resonate, by Nancy Duarte, is the latest in a series of great books about how to deliver great presentations, released in recent years. It was published in the second half of 2010 and with the help of Nancy’s team, I managed to get my hands on a free review copy. It took me a while to find the time to start reading it but, once found, it turned out to be a great & fast read. Once you start it, it is hard to let it go. To find out why, check out this review.

Reviewing slide:ology - How to create slides which connect you to your audience

In my quest for learning how to create great presentations, I've stumbled upon "slide:ology - The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations", a book created by Nancy Duarte and published by O'Reilly in the summer of 2008. Unlike other books which generally teach basic ideas or concepts for making presentations, "slide:ology" gets down to the dirty little details of how to actually create great slides which help you communicate and connect to your audience. Read this review to find out if it actually manages to help people become better at making slides.

Presentation Zen - Review Based on a True Story

"Presentation Zen - Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery" by Garr Reynolds is no longer a new book. Launched back in 2008, a hit since day one, this book promised to change the way people create and deliver presentations in today's business world. I read it shortly after its launch, been charmed by it and did my best to follow its principles. Want to know if the book held its promise and actually delivered better presentation skills for its readers? Read this review based on my true story.

Communicating Data in a Visual Way

powerpoint logoAll people work with data every day. The only difference is that we work with different types of data depending on the jobs we have. Data is always one of the main inputs companies, departments, project teams use in order to make decisions. Therefore, knowing how to communicate data in a visual way is very important to being successful. Once I have realized this, I started reading a lot on the topic and making experiments so that I can become better at it. With time, I managed to develop a system which works for me. In this post I will be sharing it with you so that you can use it & customize it to your style.

Ideas On How To Create Powerful Presentations

I have often asked myself how to make simple, legible and engaging presentations. After I've seen presentations done by Steve Jobs, such as The iPod Nano Introduction, I have learned that being visual definitely works. However, the corporate world is all about things such as data, reports, business cases, value creation. Therefore it doesn't seem that easy to be visual and make great presentations. After reading a lot on the topic and making lots of experiments, I have managed to find an approach which works and helps me get the message through to my audience. In this article I will share my learning through a presentation called "Ideas on how to create powerful presentations - A guide for Project Managers".

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