Communicating Data in a Visual Way

powerpoint logoAll people work with data every day. The only difference is that we work with different types of data depending on the jobs we have. Data is always one of the main inputs companies, departments, project teams use in order to make decisions. Therefore, knowing how to communicate data in a visual way is very important to being successful. Once I have realized this, I started reading a lot on the topic and making experiments so that I can become better at it. With time, I managed to develop a system which works for me. In this post I will be sharing it with you so that you can use it & customize it to your style.

Download link: PDF Document.

Chart Advisor

Chart Advisor can be found here. A video demonstration of this tool and how it works can be found in the video below.


After using this system, I managed to visibly improve the way I communicate data in my presentations. People seem to get my message much faster and they take it into consideration when making decisions. If you have found other effective tips for communicating data in a visual way, don't hesitate to share them by leaving a comment.

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I have sort of the habilities you mention in your slides but other tips will help me a lot in my presentation on school for market analysis also future power point presentations on other subjects.

Thanks :]

You are welcome. The purpose was to help people improve their data presentation skills with practical tips.
I'm glad you find it useful.


I would like to have the presentations in PPT, where can I download them?

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There are no ".PPT" presentations available for download. If you cannot use the ".PDF" format you can always use the SlideShare presentation player. It works in full-screen mode and the quality is good.

Its insane how bad most powerpoint presentations are. High school chemistry data sheets put most of them to shame. The negative effects of the common misuse of Powerpoint are really understated, as the dumbing down of complex relationships and sets of information to bullet lists feigns organization and simplicity. For example, many of the hsa data representations of polls in the healthcare debate were so easily skewed to either political position, that almost all real significance was lost in the graphics. The author Edward Tufte is an excellent source of information for anyone looking to hone their presentation skills and representation of data. There are so many ways to make data much more beautiful, informative, and effective. Lets start a good-design revolution!

Love this ppt -- and the slide:ology book you're touting. I do a lot of consulting for nonprofits on communications & would like to cite/reference your work -- any way to get a copy of this presentation? Couldn't download from slideshare

A New Fan

You can download the PDF at the end of the article. If that doesn't work for you, drop me an e-mail.

Thought there was a problem with the download, but I figured my inbuilt browser PDF thing didn't work correctly. Had to save the PDF and then open it with Adobe Reader.

You can download the PDF at the end of the article. If this does not work for you, send me an email.

I can't download the link above,,
it said "page not found".. :(


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