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Book Review - The Project Management Book, by Richard Newton

The Project Management Book is part of a series of business books that deals with popular topics like strategy, management, leadership, project management, etc. This series is published by
by Financial Times Publishing. Both the title of this book and its cover are appealing, but what about the content? Is this book worth reading?


Dream It, Do It, Live It - available in UK and US Stores

"Dream It, Do It, Live It" is book that's very dear to us. We had the idea for it in the first half of 2011. We talked it through and decided to go ahead and write it together. Our work started in August 2011 and now it is a reality. Here's what you should know about it and where you can purchase it.


The Project Management Book: Why I Wrote It & Why You Should Read It

I want to explain why I wrote my latest book - The Project Management Book, and why you should read it. Any new project management book should be challenged with the question – why? There are thousands of project management books, and amongst those thousands there are quite a few that are very good. On top of this there is a constant stream of new books. So it’s easy to conclude we can’t possibly need any more. I am convinced there is space for a different kind of project management book organised in a different way. That’s why I wrote and published The Project Management Book.


Richard Newton's Latest Book Wins "Management Book of the Year 2013"

This week, the CMI Management Book of the Year competition, has announced its winners. And happy we were to learn that Richard's The Management Book: How to Manage Your Team to Deliver Outstanding Results won the big prize. If you would like to learn more about the book, this award and where to purchase the book, don't hesitate to read this article.


Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Subtitle!

Remember the book we mentioned earlier this year? Well... it’s not dead. Quite the contrary! We are in discussions with a great publisher and we hope to be able to sign a deal sometime soon. But, before we get there, we need your help to pick a great subtitle for our book. You helped us pick the title and the end result was quite awesome so... give us a hand one more time.


Help Us Pick a Catchy Book Title!

We have not posted on Corporate Geek for a while because Richard and I we were busy writing our first book together. It’s a concept both of us never tried before and we are happy with the writing done so far. However, before we finish the book and talk to several publishers, we need your help: Help us pick a good title!.


Reviewing Web Analytics 2.0 - How Analytics Must be Done!

"Web Analytics 2.0 - The art of online accountability & science of customer centricity" - sounds like corporate speak, doesn’t it? The kind of thing you heard before, in messages from your corporate leaders, right? Even though you might answer "Yes!" to any of these questions, this book is not filled with dry, empty corporate speak. It’s really about web analytics. Done right! The way everybody should do it and the way only a few actually do.



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