Book Review - The Project Management Book, by Richard Newton

The Project Management Book is part of a series of business books that deals with popular topics like strategy, management, leadership, project management, etc. This series is published by
by Financial Times Publishing. Both the title of this book and its cover are appealing, but what about the content? Is this book worth reading?


What Nobody Asks in Change Projects: What Should Stay the Same?

When I am involved in change projects I usually start with my clients by trying to define a clear and, as far as possible, unambiguous vision for what the organisation will look like after the change. This part of the change project can be the most fun as thinking about the future, as opposed to the hard work of actually getting there, can be exciting. But in the excitement of planning the future, there is one thing that is often forgotten - what is it that makes this organisation special?

Dream It, Do It, Live It - available in UK and US Stores

"Dream It, Do It, Live It" is book that's very dear to us. We had the idea for it in the first half of 2011. We talked it through and decided to go ahead and write it together. Our work started in August 2011 and now it is a reality. Here's what you should know about it and where you can purchase it.


Dream It, Do It, Live It - Book Launch Event in Bucharest, Romania

Richard and I, authors of the book "Dream It, Do It, Live It" have the pleasure to invite you to our book's launch event in Bucharest, Romania. It will take place on Thursday, June 20 at The HUB Bucharest, at 7 PM. To learn more about how to attend, what you get for attending and how to book your seat, read this article.


The Project Management Book: Why I Wrote It & Why You Should Read It

I want to explain why I wrote my latest book - The Project Management Book, and why you should read it. Any new project management book should be challenged with the question – why? There are thousands of project management books, and amongst those thousands there are quite a few that are very good. On top of this there is a constant stream of new books. So it’s easy to conclude we can’t possibly need any more. I am convinced there is space for a different kind of project management book organised in a different way. That’s why I wrote and published The Project Management Book.


Organisational Change & How to Leverage Middle Management

Organisational change programs are more and more common nowadays, in the era of economic uncertainty and crisis. While change is good, one of the most common problems in change programs is that they pay insufficient attention to middle management and its importance in implementing change. In this article, my colleague Richard Newton tries to propose a different approach to organisational change programs, so that middle management is appropriately involved and used successfully to implement the desired change.


How to Align Strategy and Delivery in a Business Organization

A common point of tension for many organisations is the way strategy converts into projects. I am assuming there is a meaningful strategy. This is obviously not true everywhere, but that is a whole different sort of problem which is not covered in this article. There are some organisations in which there is a clear and logical relationship between the things being delivered and the organisational strategy. The result is a poor alignment between the organisational strategy and what the delivery functions are doing and have the capability to do. So what can be done about this? Let’s explore together, in this article.


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